All materials provided by EcoBank are works protected under the Copyright Act and users shall comply with the following copyright protection policy.

  1. (1) In accordance with Article 24 of the Copyright Act, all copyrighted works in EcoBank can be freely accessed without permission.

    However, the freely available works shall be freely used as they are attached to the first type of public works free access mark (free price, KOGL).

  2. (2) The EcoBank also provides data that the National Institute of Ecosystem and Information does not have in its entirety. In addition, there are many materials provided free of charge by individuals, organizations and organizations to participate in ecological information, so you must obtain permission from the copyright holder to use them freely.

    In other words, if you want to use materials that do not have public leakage, please consult with the person in charge before using them.

  3. (3) If you link the work of EcoBank directly from a screen on another internet site, please link this Internet copyright policy with the link user, as it may overlook this Internet copyright policy.
  4. (4) In case of data being opened by EcoBank that does not have all the copyrights in the National Ecosystem Center, it is prohibited to change the use of copyrights.
    The National Institute of Ecology will continue to make efforts to make sure that all citizens can use ecological information safely.