OpenAPI Introduction

  • Open platform provides background and video map and hybrid map.
  • You can use the request URL by adding it as your source along with the certified key value.
  • Supports OpenLaysers 2.7 through 2.13.
  • Spatial Information

    The issued authentication key can only be used on approved layers.
  • WMS (Web Map Service) service enables you to utilize map images (png, jpeg, gif) generated from geographic data.
  • WFS (Web Feature Service) service allows you to utilize geographic feature data (with vector shapes and attributes).

Authorization key request

  • OpenAPI service is available after issuing the authentication key through the application process.
  • You can apply for open API utilization by logging in from the Data Open > OpenAPI > Terms of Use/Certification Key.
  • The issued authentication key can only be used on approved layers.

Example of creating a request URL

  • OpenAPI request URL is created by combining 'request URL by service' and 'request item'.
  • Refer to the Request Items tab for the requested item by service, and enter a valid authentication key issued after applying for the service key.

Spatial Information

  • https://www.nie-ecobank.kr/ecoapi/Request by Service URL?serviceKey=Authentication Key[&Request Item=Value]

Request by Service URL

Request by Service URL
Service Details Function Request URL
백두대간_곤충_점 WMS Check /ecoapi/BgtsInfoService/wms/getInsectPointWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/BgtsInfoService/wfs/getInsectPointWFS
백두대간_식물상_점 WMS Check /ecoapi/BgtsInfoService/wms/getFlrPointWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/BgtsInfoService/wfs/getFlrPointWFS
백두대간_식생_면 WMS Check /ecoapi/BgtsInfoService/wms/getVtnPynWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/BgtsInfoService/wfs/getVtnPynWFS
백두대간_양서파충류_점 WMS Check /ecoapi/BgtsInfoService/wms/getAmnrpPotinWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/BgtsInfoService/wfs/getAmnrpPotinWFS
백두대간_어류_점 WMS Check /ecoapi/BgtsInfoService/wms/getFishesPointWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/BgtsInfoService/wfs/getFishesPointWFS
백두대간_저서무척추동물_점 WMS Check /ecoapi/BgtsInfoService/wms/getBninPointWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/BgtsInfoService/wfs/getBninPointWFS
백두대간_조류_점 WMS Check /ecoapi/BgtsInfoService/wms/getBirdsPointWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/BgtsInfoService/wfs/getBirdsPointWFS
백두대간_지의류_점 WMS Check /ecoapi/BgtsInfoService/wms/getIchnPointWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/BgtsInfoService/wfs/getIchnPointWFS
백두대간_지형경관_점 WMS Check /ecoapi/BgtsInfoService/wms/getTpscPointWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/BgtsInfoService/wfs/getTpscPointWFS
백두대간_포유류_점 WMS Check /ecoapi/BgtsInfoService/wms/getMmlPointWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/BgtsInfoService/wfs/getMmlPointWFS
생태계정밀조사_균류_점 WMS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wms/getFngsPointWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wfs/getFngsPointWFS
생태계정밀조사_생태계_조사_지역_면 WMS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wms/getEcsystmExaminAreaPynWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wfs/getEcsystmExaminAreaPynWFS
생태계정밀조사_식생_면 WMS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wms/getVtnPynWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wfs/getVtnPynWFS
생태계정밀조사_식생_점 WMS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wms/getVtnPointWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wfs/getVtnPointWFS
생태계정밀조사_양서파충류_점 WMS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wms/getAmnrpPointWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wfs/getAmnrpPointWFS
생태계정밀조사_어류 WMS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wms/getFishesPynWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wfs/getFishesPynWFS
생태계정밀조사_어류_점 WMS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wms/getFishesPointWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wfs/getFishesPointWFS
생태계정밀조사_저서무척추동물_점 WMS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wms/getBninPointWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wfs/getBninPointWFS
생태계정밀조사_조류_점 WMS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wms/getBirdsPointWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wfs/getBirdsPointWFS
생태계정밀조사_포유류_면 WMS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wms/getMmlPynWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wfs/getMmlPynWFS
생태계정밀조사_포유류_점 WMS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wms/getMmlPointWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wfs/getMmlPointWFS
생태정밀조사_곤충 WMS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wms/getInsectPynWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wfs/getInsectPynWFS
생태정밀조사_곤충_점 WMS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wms/getInsectPointWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wfs/getInsectPointWFS
생태정밀조사_식물상 WMS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wms/getFlrPynWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wfs/getFlrPynWFS
생태정밀조사_식물상_점 WMS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wms/getFlrPointWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/EcpeInfoService/wfs/getFlrPointWFS
자연환경조사_곤충_점 WMS Check /ecoapi/NteeInfoService/wms/getInsectPointWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/NteeInfoService/wfs/getInsectPointWFS
자연환경조사_식물상_점 WMS Check /ecoapi/NteeInfoService/wms/getFlrPointWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/NteeInfoService/wfs/getFlrPointWFS
자연환경조사_식생_면 WMS Check /ecoapi/NteeInfoService/wms/getVtnPynWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/NteeInfoService/wfs/getVtnPynWFS
자연환경조사_양서파충류_점 WMS Check /ecoapi/NteeInfoService/wms/getAmnrpPointWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/NteeInfoService/wfs/getAmnrpPointWFS
자연환경조사_어류_점 WMS Check /ecoapi/NteeInfoService/wms/getFishesPointWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/NteeInfoService/wfs/getFishesPointWFS
자연환경조사_저서무척추동물_점 WMS Check /ecoapi/NteeInfoService/wms/getBninPointWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/NteeInfoService/wfs/getBninPointWFS
자연환경조사_조류_점 WMS Check /ecoapi/NteeInfoService/wms/getBirdsPointWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/NteeInfoService/wfs/getBirdsPointWFS
자연환경조사_지형경관 WMS Check /ecoapi/NteeInfoService/wms/getTpscPynWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/NteeInfoService/wfs/getTpscPynWFS
자연환경조사_지형경관_선 WMS Check /ecoapi/NteeInfoService/wms/getTpscLineWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/NteeInfoService/wfs/getTpscLineWFS
자연환경조사_포유류_점 WMS Check /ecoapi/NteeInfoService/wms/getMmlPointWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/NteeInfoService/wfs/getMmlPointWFS
자연환경조사_해안_생물_선 WMS Check /ecoapi/NteeInfoService/wms/getBeachLvbLineWMS
WFS Check /ecoapi/NteeInfoService/wfs/getBeachLvbLineWFS

OpenAPI Request by Service Topics

To configure a valid request URL, the request parameter must be added as a name/value pair, which is in the form of "request item=value" by referring to the requested item information below.
The requested items that exist by service capability can be found on the Request by Service item screen below.

WMS Service Request Item

Request Item Required Status Sample Data Explanation
serviceKey Essential Authentication Key(URL Encode) EcoBank에서 발급받은 인증키를 입력합니다.
layers Option tbl_opn_eczm The layer to be displayed on the screen.
The value is a comma-separated list of layer names. (See the [List of Layers] tab)
srs Essential EPSG:5186 Indicates the coordinate system.
Central Point (GRS80) EPSG:5186 Coordinate Systems are supported.
bbox Essential 314548.9311225004
This is the bounding box that defines the extent.
Four real numbers consist of commas.
width Essential 663 Set the width of the return image to the pixel value (Apply 1024 if it is greater than 1024).
height Essential 768 Set the Height of the return image to the pixel value (Apply 1024 if it is greater than 1024).
format Option png Return image format.
It supports png, jpeg, and gif image formats.
transparent Option false Determines whether the background of the return image is transparent.
The value is true or false, and the default is false.
bgcolor Option 0xFFFFFF Determines the background color of the return image.
The value is in the form 0xRRGGBB, the default is 0xFFFFFF (white).
exceptions Option BLANK Determines how to handle exceptions when they occur.
- BLANK: Blank Image
- XML[Default]: xml containing error code, name, and description information
- INIMAGE : Image with error information

WFS Service Request Item

Request Item Required Status Sample Data Explanation
serviceKey Essential Authentication Key(URL Encode) EcoBank에서 발급받은 인증키를 입력합니다.
typeName Option tbl_opn_eczm A list of the names of one or more feature types being queried,
the values are a comma-separated list of names. (See the [List of layers] tab)
bbox Option 314548.9311225004
Search for features contained within (or partially across) a rectangle of coordinates.
Coordinate order follows the coordinate system used.
The general representation is the order of lower coordinates, upper coordinates, and coordinate system.
(lc1,lc2,uc1,uc2,Coordinate system)
maxFeatures Option 10 The maximum value of features that WFS should return in response to the request. (Maximum Allowable Value : 500)

List of Layers

You can find a list of top-of-the-line layers available from OpenAPI below.

List of Layers
Service WMS Layer WFS Layer Layer Korean Name
생태계정밀조사_어류 vw_map_ecpe_fishes_pyn vw_map_ecpe_fishes_pyn 생태계정밀조사_어류
생태정밀조사_곤충 vw_map_ecpe_insect_pyn vw_map_ecpe_insect_pyn 생태정밀조사_곤충
생태정밀조사_식물상 vw_map_ecpe_flr_pyn vw_map_ecpe_flr_pyn 생태정밀조사_식물상
자연환경조사_지형경관 vw_map_ntee_tpsc_pyn vw_map_ntee_tpsc_pyn 자연환경조사_지형경관
백두대간_곤충_점 vw_map_bgts_insect_point vw_map_bgts_insect_point 백두대간_곤충_점
백두대간_식물상_점 vw_map_bgts_flr_point vw_map_bgts_flr_point 백두대간_식물상_점
백두대간_식생_면 vw_map_bgts_vtn_pyn vw_map_bgts_vtn_pyn 백두대간_식생_면
백두대간_양서파충류_점 vw_map_bgts_amnrp_point vw_map_bgts_amnrp_point 백두대간_양서파충류_점
백두대간_어류_점 vw_map_bgts_fishes_point vw_map_bgts_fishes_point 백두대간_어류_점
백두대간_저서무척추동물_점 vw_map_bgts_bnin_point vw_map_bgts_bnin_point 백두대간_저서무척추동물_점
백두대간_조류_점 vw_map_bgts_birds_point vw_map_bgts_birds_point 백두대간_조류_점
백두대간_지의류_점 vw_map_bgts_lchn_point vw_map_bgts_lchn_point 백두대간_지의류_점
백두대간_지형경관_점 vw_map_bgts_tpsc_point vw_map_bgts_tpsc_point 백두대간_지형경관_점
백두대간_포유류_점 vw_map_bgts_mml_point vw_map_bgts_mml_point 백두대간_포유류_점
생태계정밀조사_균류_점 vw_map_ecpe_fngs_point vw_map_ecpe_fngs_point 생태계정밀조사_균류_점
생태계정밀조사_식생_면 vw_map_ecpe_vtn_pyn vw_map_ecpe_vtn_pyn 생태계정밀조사_식생_면
생태계정밀조사_식생_점 vw_map_ecpe_vtn_point vw_map_ecpe_vtn_point 생태계정밀조사_식생_점
생태계정밀조사_양서파충류_점 vw_map_ecpe_amnrp_point vw_map_ecpe_amnrp_point 생태계정밀조사_양서파충류_점
생태계정밀조사_어류_점 vw_map_ecpe_fishes_point vw_map_ecpe_fishes_point 생태계정밀조사_어류_점
생태계정밀조사_저서무척추동물_점 vw_map_ecpe_bnin_point vw_map_ecpe_bnin_point 생태계정밀조사_저서무척추동물_점
생태계정밀조사_조류_점 vw_map_ecpe_birds_point vw_map_ecpe_birds_point 생태계정밀조사_조류_점
생태계정밀조사_지형경관_점 vw_map_ecpe_tpsc_point vw_map_ecpe_tpsc_point 생태계정밀조사_지형경관_점
생태계정밀조사_포유류_면 vw_map_ecpe_mml_pyn vw_map_ecpe_mml_pyn 생태계정밀조사_포유류_면
생태계정밀조사_포유류_점 vw_map_ecpe_mml_point vw_map_ecpe_mml_point 생태계정밀조사_포유류_점
생태계정밀조사_플랑크톤_점 vw_map_ecpe_plnk_point vw_map_ecpe_plnk_point 생태계정밀조사_플랑크톤_점
생태정밀조사_곤충_점 vw_map_ecpe_insect_point vw_map_ecpe_insect_point 생태정밀조사_곤충_점
생태정밀조사_식물상_점 vw_map_ecpe_flr_point vw_map_ecpe_flr_point 생태정밀조사_식물상_점
자연환경조사_곤충_점 vw_map_ntee_insect_point vw_map_ntee_insect_point 자연환경조사_곤충_점
자연환경조사_식물상_점 vw_map_ntee_flr_point vw_map_ntee_flr_point 자연환경조사_식물상_점
자연환경조사_식생_면 vw_map_ntee_vtn_pyn vw_map_ntee_vtn_pyn 자연환경조사_식생_면
자연환경조사_양서파충류_점 vw_map_ntee_amnrp_point vw_map_ntee_amnrp_point 자연환경조사_양서파충류_점
자연환경조사_어류_점 vw_map_ntee_fishes_point vw_map_ntee_fishes_point 자연환경조사_어류_점
자연환경조사_저서무척추동물_점 vw_map_ntee_bnin_point vw_map_ntee_bnin_point 자연환경조사_저서무척추동물_점
자연환경조사_조류_점 vw_map_ntee_birds_point vw_map_ntee_birds_point 자연환경조사_조류_점
자연환경조사_지형경관_선 vw_map_ntee_tpsc_line vw_map_ntee_tpsc_line 자연환경조사_지형경관_선
자연환경조사_포유류_점 vw_map_ntee_mml_point vw_map_ntee_mml_point 자연환경조사_포유류_점
자연환경조사_해안_생물_선 vw_map_ntee_beach_lvb_line vw_map_ntee_beach_lvb_line 자연환경조사_해안_생물_선
생태계정밀조사_생태계_조사_지역_면 vw_map_ecpe_ecsystm_examin_area_pyn vw_map_ecpe_ecsystm_examin_area_pyn 생태계정밀조사_생태계_조사_지역_면
생태계정밀조사_생태계_조사_지역_점 vw_map_ecpe_ecsystm_examin_area_point vw_map_ecpe_ecsystm_examin_area_point 생태계정밀조사_생태계_조사_지역_점

Sample Code

Click the sample code button to inquire.