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Data Journal of Geology, Ecology, Oceanography, Space Science and Polar Science



The GEO DATA as a peer-reviewed Journal provides an open access platform for sharing earth science data. It has been launched by the Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources, the National Institute of Ecology, the Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology, the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, and the Korea Polar Research Institute; the organizations that produce relevant earth science data.

GEO DATA Journal

The GEO DATA Journal provides an easy way to share and reuse data among researchers by publishing data journals such as:
  • Detailed data technology enables new data production.
  • Make it easy to retrieve data that is easy to bury as a supplement to a journal.
  • Increasing the amount of information between related academic papers and data helps with more citation.
  • Provides opportunities for new collaboration.
The GEO DATA journal highly recommends submitting data from all research fields, as it is not known which data will be useful to other researchers. Important

Most of the used information in a research can be defined as data. However, in order to be published in the GEO DATA journal, the data must be acquired and collected by a scientific method, and must be valuable information to the research community.