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Chapter I Article 1 (purpose) The purpose of this Agreement is to stipulate the conditions and procedures for the use of all services (hereinafter referred to as 'service') provided on the National Ecological Center homepage (the "home page") and the rights, duties, responsibilities and other necessary matters. Section 2 (Effective and Change of Terms) 1) If the user agrees to these terms and conditions, the user shall provide the service. If the user agrees to the terms of these terms and conditions, the service provision of the service and the user's service use of the service shall be applied first. 2) If the National Ecology Center approves it as necessary, it is allowed to change these terms and conditions within the scope of the Act on Regulation of Terms and other related statutes. If the terms are changed, it is notified in the party website without delay and the notice. 3) The changed agreement takes effect immediately upon notification. If the user does not agree to the changed agreement, the user can cancel (leave) his or her membership registration. However, if the service is continued for more than 7 days without expressing any intention to refuse to respond to the e-mail after the notification, the agreement is deemed to have been changed. The National Institute of Ecology shall not be responsible for damages caused by the user's inability to know the information about the changed terms and conditions. Article 3 (Article other than terms and conditions) Matters not specified in this Agreement shall be governed by the Framework Act on Telecommunications, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Communications Standards Act, the Communications Standards and the Copyright Act and other related statutes. Section 4 (Definition of terms) The terms used in this Agreement are defined as follows. 1) User : This refers to the members and non-members who log on to the party website and receive the services provided on the party website. 2) Member : This refers to a person who can access the information and services of the party's homepage by logging on to the website and agreeing to the terms and conditions, and who receives the ID and password. 3) Nonmembers : This refers to a person who uses the service provided on the party homepage without entering a member. 4) ID(Unique Number) : This refers to a combination of letters and numbers (only one ID is issued and available) selected by the user for the identification of members and the service use of members. 5) Password : A number that verifies that the member is a member whose ID matches the member ID. This refers to the combination of letters and numbers selected by the member for the confidentiality of the member. 6) Join Membership : This refers to the act of filling in the application form provided by the member on the website of the company and completing the service contract by agreeing to this Agreement. 7) Membership Withdrawal : This is a sign that the member terminates the service contract. Chapter 2 (Service Delivery and Utilization) Article 5 (Construction of a service contract) 1) Users who wish to become members express their consent to this agreement on the party's website by clicking the 'I accept' button on the membership page through online. 2) Users who agree to these terms and conditions shall go through the identification process by the method required by the National Institute of Ecology and, if under 14 years of age, be accompanied by the consent of the legal representative. 3) The service use contract between the National Institute and the users is established by recording the requirements of the users who have undergone the authentication process according to the form provided on the party website. The user shall be qualified as a member from the time the National Ecology Center approves. 4) The company's website can reserve the service contract until the cause is resolved in each of the following cases: ① Lack of service-related capacity ② If there is a technical fault 5) The service on the website of the party is subject to change. If the change is notified to the user through the notice in the website and requires separate consent, a separate agreement can be obtained through the e-mail written at the time of sign-up. Article 6 (Registering and quitting) 1) Membership registration consists of the user completing the agreement procedure and the membership registration process through the Internet. Membership registration can only be registered under the real name, and the party homepage can be checked by real name. 2) The party's homepage may not accept membership application for each of the following: ① In case the real name is not verified or important information such as resident registration number is duplicated ② If the legal representative has no consent from the legal representative under the age of 14 ③ In case the member registration requirements set by the party's website are not fulfilled; 3) The party's homepage may be cancelled if: ① If you apply using someone else's name ② In case the person is under 14 years of age and is found to have obtained consent from the legal representative ③ In case it is found that the contents of the application for the service contract are false ④ In case of an action such as obstructing other people's use of the website service or stealing information ⑤ In case of acts prohibited by law and this Agreement using the party website; ⑥ To use this service for the purpose of pursuing profit 4) If the member intends to withdraw his or her intention to receive the services provided on the website after membership registration, he or she can withdraw (release) the member registration using the menu. Section 7 (Approving and Changing MemberIDs, Finding MemberIDs and Passwords) 1) The party's home page grants the member ID according to this agreement. 2) In principle, the member ID cannot be changed. If the member ID is to be changed for unavoidable reasons, the member registration must be withdrawn (released) and rejoined. However, the service cannot be used with the existing member ID if the member has left the membership. 3) In the event that the registered member information is changed, the member information shall be modified immediately and the National Ecological Institute shall not be held liable for any disadvantages caused by the member's failure to modify the changes. 4) If a member ID is lost, the member ID is provided through the website of the party after confirmation of his/her identity. 5) If a password is lost, the user must set a new password via the party's homepage after completing the verification process. Article 8 (Agreement to the Use of Member Information) The party's website strives to protect the members' personal information in accordance with relevant laws such as the Personal Information Protection Act and the National Ecological Service's Privacy Policy. Section 9 (Information Security of Members) 1) The applicant is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the information entered as a member from the moment the sign - up process for the service is completed. The member is responsible for the management of the member's ID and password, and for all results generated by using the member ID and password. 2) The member shall immediately report the member's ID or password to the party's website if he finds out that the member's ID or password has been used improperly. The members themselves are responsible for all non-reportation. 3) The member shall log-out the website service at the end of use, and in public places, the member shall shut down the web browser and delete the user record so that the member information such as ID and password are not exposed to others. 4) The National Ecological Service shall not be held liable for damages or losses resulting from the member's failure to properly terminate the use of the website, such as the theft of information from a third party. Article 10 (time of service use) 1) The service hours shall be 24 hours a day, seven days a year, unless there is any special business or technical difficulties at the National Ecological Center. However, due to the need for regular inspection, the date or time set by the National Ecology Institute is excluded and notified in advance. 2) The National Institute of Ecology may discontinue the provision of services for reasonable reasons, such as a power outage. Section 11 (Notification of Service Stop and Stop) 1) In the event that the member's message or other communication message is not deleted or stored due to a national emergency, power outage, failure of the service facility outside the control scope of the party's website, or other non-delivery data is lost. 2) In the case of national emergencies, power outages, service facility failures outside the control scope of the party's website and other non-avoidable forces, the above notice period may be reduced or omitted. In addition, the NOC shall not be held liable for the failure or deletion of messages and other communication messages stored or transmitted by the service due to the suspension of the service. 3) If the service has to be temporarily stopped due to difficulties in providing normal service, the company may temporarily suspend the service after announcing the reason and date of service on the company website one week before the service is stopped. During this period, the user does not acknowledge the notice. 4) If the service has to be permanently stopped due to the circumstances of the party's website, the service can be discontinued after posting the cause and date of service on the website one month before the service suspension. 5) The company's website may temporarily modify, change, or discontinue the service after the notice in advance. 6) In case a user acts in violation of the terms and conditions, the company may restrict or suspend the use of the service without prior notice. Article 12 (Information provision and publication of promotional materials) 1) In operating the service, the party's homepage can provide various information to users by posting it on the website or sending e-mail or mail. 2) If the member does not want to provide the information in paragraph 1, the member can set the sign - up application menu and the member information modification menu. Article 13 (Limits users to use the user's code of conduct and service use) 1) In the event that the information provided by a member is found to be false or for reasonable reasons suspected of being false, the National Institute of Ecology may suspend some or all of the members' service use and shall not be held liable for any disadvantages. 2) The party's website may restrict or suspend the use of the service at any time in the event that the user acts in violation of the terms and conditions, such as Article 16 (the obligation of the member). Chapter 3 (responsibilities and responsibilities) Article 14 (A duty of the Party's website) 1) The party's website does not act contrary to laws and regulations or customs, and it is obliged to strive to provide services reliably. 2) The company's website does not disclose or provide the members' personal information that they know about service provision to a third party without their consent. 3) However, personal information may be used for purposes other than the following, or provided to third parties, except in cases where there is a possibility of improper infringement of the information subject or the interests of the third party: ① In case of a separate agreement from the information subject; ② There are special provisions in other laws. ③ In case the information subject or his legal representative is unable to express his or her opinion or is not able to obtain prior consent, clearly recognized as necessary for the immediate benefit of life, body or property of the information subject or third party; ④ In case it is necessary for statistical or academic research purposes, personal information is provided in a form that does not recognize a particular individual; ⑤ In case personal information is used for purposes other than or otherwise provided to a third party, it cannot perform the subordinate duties prescribed by other laws, and the protection committee deliberates and approves; ⑥ if necessary to provide to foreign governments or international bodies for implementation of treaties, other international agreements; ⑦ In case it is necessary to investigate a crime and bring up and maintain a case; ⑧ If necessary for the performance of court justice ⑨ If necessary for execution of type, protection and protective measures 4) The National Institute of Ecology promptly processes any comments and complaints submitted by the members that it considers justifiable. However, in the event that rapid processing is difficult, the member shall be notified of the reason and schedule for processing. 5) The party website shall have a security system to protect the users' personal information (including credit information) so that the users can safely access the website service. Article 15 (A duty of members) 1) The information required at the time of joining the membership shall be accurately recorded and maintained and updated so that the information about the members already provided is accurate. In addition, members shall not let third parties use their IDs and passwords. 2) The member shall not use the service for any profit without prior consent from the company's website. 3) The member shall not use or provide the information obtained using the service of the party's website in any other way, without prior approval from the party's website. 4) The members shall prohibit the following actions through this service ① The act of stealing other people's ID and password ② Transmitting, posting, posting, e-mail or other means of implying low-speed, obscene, insulting, intimidating, or violating other's privacy; ③ An act to disguise the source of the contents transmitted through the service ④ publishing, posting, e-mailing or other means of transmission of information not available under law or contract; 5) If a member of the party's website is deemed to have violated this Agreement, all use information related to the party's website can be deleted without the consent of the users. Chapter 4 (Others) Article 16 (owner of the party's homepage) 1) Intellectual property rights and other rights relating to the services provided by the party's home page, such as software, images, marks, logos, designs, service names, information and trademarks, are owned by the National Ecological Institute. 2) Except as expressly approved by the website of the party, the members shall not modify all or part of their ownership of the items specified in Article 17 subparagraph 1 hereabove, lend, sell, produce, transfer, extend copyright, or use any commercial activities. Article 17 (No transfer) The member shall not transfer or give his or her service rights or other service contract status to others and shall not provide them as collateral. Article 18 (Disability compensation) The company's website shall not be held liable for any damages caused to the members in connection with the service provided for free except in the following cases. 1) A deliberate act of crime on the party's homepage 2) In case free service provided by the company's website has been converted into a paid service without the consent of the original provider 3) In case Article 15 (the obligation of the party homepage) is intentionally violated for the purpose of taking unjust enrichment; Article 19 (Article 19) 1) If the service of the party's website cannot be provided due to natural disasters or force majeure, the National Ecological Institute will be exempted from the responsibility for non-delivery of the service. 2) The National Institute of Ecosystems shall be exempted from the responsibility for damages caused by unavoidable causes such as repair, replacement, regular inspection, and construction of service facilities. 3) The National Institute of Ecology is not responsible for damages caused by reasons attributable to the members. 4) The National Institute of Ecology has no obligation to represent the opinions or information of members expressed in the service on the party's website. 5) The National Ecological Service shall not be held liable for any goods or financial transactions made through the intermediation of services between members or between members and third parties and shall not be held liable for the benefits expected by the members in the service use. 6) In no event shall the National Ecology Institute be held liable for any gains or losses caused by the member's reliance on the information provided on the party's website. 7) The National Institute of Ecology shall not be held liable unless there is a special provision in the relevant laws regarding the use of services provided for free on the party website. Article 20 (Administrative Court) If a lawsuit is filed against a dispute concerning the use of this service, the Republic of Korea Act shall be applied and the ox resulting from this service shall be brought to the Korean court. This Agreement shall be effective from the date of announcement.
The membership of the National Institute of Ecology's website is subject to the consent of collecting and using personal information by the information subject pursuant to Article 15 of the Privacy Act. □ Purpose of personal information collection and utilization 1. Register and manage homepage members Personal information is handled for the purpose of identifying members' intent to sign up, identifying and authenticating themselves according to the provision of services, maintaining and managing membership, preventing the use of restricted user authentication, and handling of various notifications and complaints. 2. Homepage application processing The medical institution processes personal information for the purpose of verifying the identity of the petitioner, verifying the complaint, contacting and informing the outcome of the investigation. □ Personal Information Collection Items 1. Register and manage homepage members - Mandatory : Name, ID, password, email address, I-PIN or Authentication information of the identity verification agency - Selection : None [Information collected automatically by the computer] When using the homepage, the following information is automatically collected and saved through the login history. - Connection log, connection IP information, subscription path □ Personal Information Retention and Utilization Period The National Ecology Institute uses and retains personal information within the period of personal information retention and utilization pursuant to the Act or the period of personal information collected by the information subject. 1. Homepage member information retention period : Until leaving the website of the public institution (requires consent to the member's personal information again after two years) However, by the end of the reason, 1) If investigation or investigation is under way due to violation of the relevant laws 2) If the e-payment relationship remains according to the website usage, the e-payment relationship will be settled until □ Rejection and Disbenefit The National Institute of Ecology collects at least personal information items according to the Act. If you refuse to do so, you cannot sign up as a member management or civil service office.